First- & Second-Year Curriculum

The pre-clinical curriculum is a hybrid model utilizing discipline- and system-based delivery. Students are introduced to fundamental scientific concepts in the traditional discipline-based manner, which includes a full first semester of basic foundational sciences and anatomy with cadaver dissection. Professionalism and ethics are introduced in Foundations of Modern Health Care while Primary Clinical Skills (PCS) and Osteopathic Principles & Practice (OPP) give students hands-on experience with physical and structural examination, osteopathic manipulative treatment, and clinical reasoning. Courses are systems-based starting in spring of the first year, concentrating on clinical integration with a patient-centered focus.

This curriculum delivery model is complemented by longitudinal instruction in OPP, high-fidelity patient simulation, and early standardized patient encounters. This blended model continually reinforces the application of learned knowledge into a clinical framework for long-term retention.

Anatomical Sciences
Molecular Medicine
Foundations of Modern Health Care I
Osteopathic Principles & Practice I
Primary Clinical Skills I

Neuroanatomy/Behavioral Neuroscience
Hematology and Lymphatics
Foundations of Modern Health Care II
Osteopathic Principles & Practice II
Primary Clinical Skills II

Foundations of Modern Health Care III
Osteopathic Principles & Practice III
Primary Clinical Skills III

Foundations of Modern Health Care IV
Osteopathic Principles & Practice IV
Primary Clinical Skills IV