Alumni Fellowship

ACOM Alumni Applying for Fellowships

For those who are using the EFDO Medical Institution Document Upload Service (MIDUS), you will follow the steps below. This platform provides ACOM the ability to upload the Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) and medical school transcript directly to the EFDO on your behalf. In order for us to upload your documents, you must send an electronic request using EFDO online service to .

Please complete a request for both documents using the following information:

Title: Director of Career Development
First Name: Melanie
Last Name: Elmore
Institution: Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine
Department: Medical Education
Country: USA
Address: 445 Health Sciences Blvd.
City: Dothan
State: Alabama
Postal Code: 36301
Email Address:
Phone number: 334-944-4011

If you are applying for a fellowship outside of ERAS/MIDUS and you need your transcript and/or MSPE sent directly to a program, please send an email request to with the program’s contact information and we will process your request and send it as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact Melanie Elmore directly at .