Report a Concern

At ACOM, we strive to maintain a culture of caring defined by the institution’s InSPIRED core values – Integrity, Service, Passion, Innovation, Respect, Excellence and Diversity. Feedback from students, faculty, staff, preceptors and others helps to identify opportunities for improvement and growth. ACOM utilizes Maxient, an online platform, to confidentially share concerns with the college related to Professionalism and Ethics, Safety and Security, Title IX and general concerns. All submissions are received by the Office of Compliance and handled with confidentiality and respect. Forms can be submitted by name or anonymously, giving individuals the flexibility to submit information in a format that makes them feel comfortable with sharing. The Office of Compliance is here to help navigate concerns and to support you, should a concern arise.

Sexual Misconduct (Title IX) or Discrimination

Use this form to report incidents of sexual misconduct and behavior.

Professionalism Violation

Use this form to report incident involving professionalism.

Safety and Security Report

Use this form to report incidents involving safety and security.

Accreditation, DEI, and Other Concerns

Use this form to report all other concerns.