Third & Fourth Year Curriculum

ACOM’s third and fourth year clinical curriculum is delivered throughout the region at community based hospitals and clinics utilizing a robust network of physicians. ACOM entrusts its various clinical training sites, Medical Education Directors, and Supervising Physician Preceptors to train students for excellence in clinical practice. The preceptors and clinical training sites implement the curriculum in a manner that balances the learning needs of the students and the educational resources available at the site. To enhance learning, preceptors and sites are encouraged to use a variety of teaching techniques, including observation, monitored participation, video and audio recordings, computers, readings, individual discussions, and presentations by students, faculty, and others. Specific curricular expectations are outlined in the syllabus for each of the required clerkship rotations.

The clinical curricula consists of clinic, hospital, and office-based training. All faculty are approved by ACOM based on interest and dedication to teaching, as well as a credentialing process including evaluation of the Curricula Vitae (CV), recommendation by appropriate Medical Education Director, and medical license checks. The clinical curricula reflects the mission of the college through planning and evaluation in the Academic Planning and Evaluation Committee for Curriculum (APECC), the Curriculum Committee, and the input and review of the Dean’s Cabinet.