Research at ACOM

The mission of the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine (ACOM) is to “provide quality, learner-centered osteopathic education, with emphasis on patient-centered, team-based primary care to serve the medically underserved areas of Alabama, the Tri-State area, and the nation.” Through the lens of service and collaboration, ACOM research starts in our community and directly benefits the health and welfare of our community, our state, and the nation.

In conjunction with our faculty, network of clinical preceptor sites, graduate medical education (GME) affiliates, students, and community partners, ACOM aims to be a leader in population health, clinical, biomedical, and medical education research. We are dedicated to supporting a rich research culture that serves and builds thriving communities through innovation and discovery.

ACOM supports an ever-evolving research program that engages faculty and students throughout the institution through several initiatives, including dedicated space(s), resources and funding, and research support.

ACOM Research and Scholarly Activity Strategic Plan 2022-2026


ACOM hosts a Research Poster Day each fall in conjunction with the local chapter of the Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM).  ACOM-SHM Poster Day includes research in the following categories: population health research, basic science and translational research, clinical and quality improvement research, medical education research, and outreach.  Students and faculty are encouraged to present their research at regional and national meetings, and to publish their research in peer-reviewed journals, including the Cureus Journal of Medical Science (, on which ACOM has its own research page.


The ACOM Summer Research Program allows students to contribute to an existing research project with a faculty principal investigator (PI) while giving them hands-on experience with the research process.  Students develop an appreciation for research and its contribution to medicine, apply the scientific method, analyze data, and write up their results. Students are offered a small stipend for their work and are required to present their poster at ACOM-SHM Poster Day.  Several students have won awards for their summer research at regional and national research and medical meetings. Students may also choose to take a research elective during their clerkship years.  Mentors for the research elective may be ACOM faculty, preceptors, or faculty from other institutions.

How do I get started in research?