Center for Medical Student Success

The mission of the ACOM Center for Medical Student Success is to help ensure that ACOM students are academically successful. Academic support can determine student strengths and weaknesses, teach specific strategies for particular courses, help with stress and anxiety issues, and improve time management skills. Academic support is proactive and students who are struggling may be contacted to receive assistance.

The Center for Medical Student Success also provides guidance in career development, including navigating the residency match process, developing a curriculum vitae, and identifying appropriate audition rotation opportunities.

ACOM offers academic support services designed to enhance learning and aid in the success of all students. These services include individual consultation and planning, large and small group presentations, and peer-assisted learning (tutoring). For third- and fourth-year students located off campus, telephone guidance is available as well as regularly scheduled in-person visits.

ACOM Peer Tutors 2024-2025

2024-2025 Peer Tutors

For first- and second-year students, peer tutoring is offered (both individual and in small groups) which is designed to help students understand the concepts covered in the curriculum and to prepare for exams and labs. Students who serve as peer tutors receive content guidance from appropriate faculty and course directors. Any student, regardless of academic performance, may attend a tutoring session. Students scoring low on any exam may be identified as needing academic assistance and referred for personal academic counseling and/or tutoring. Attendance is kept in these instances.

ACOM’s peer tutoring program was established as a resource for all students desiring to improve their academic performance. Peer tutoring is a peer-mediated strategy in which students support other students on their road to academic success. To be chosen as a peer-tutor, the student must distinguish themselves academically and professionally, and they must be willing to commit the time necessary to develop and present study materials to students both individually and in group settings. Funding for the peer tutor program is provided by the Southeast Health Foundation.

Academic assistance can include, but is not limited to, the areas outlined here:

  • assessment of study habits
  • board preparation
  • time management strategies
  • stress management techniques
  • assessment tools
  • study strategies
  • ongoing follow-up
  • acting as liaison for students with faculty and staff
  • student advocacy

For more information about any of these services, please contact Kim Chosie, LPCS, CAP, Director of Academic Support Services, at (334) 305-1010 or .

ACOM offers career development support by assisting students in preparing for audition rotations and gathering and creating the necessary information to obtain the residency of their choice. Staff offer guidance through the match process and help students position themselves for the best possible opportunities.

Career development services include, but are not limited to, the areas below:

  • individual career planning
  • curriculum vitae development
  • goal setting
  • assistance in medical specialty selection
  • education regarding audition rotations
  • navigating the match process
  • student advocacy

For more information about career development services, please contact Melanie Elmore, MBA, at (334) 944-4011 or .

Academic Live Care is a physical and mental telehealth care service available to ALL ACOM students. Whether or not a student is residing on-campus, they will have access to unlimited services all with a $0 copay by using our coupon code.

  • 24/7 Urgent Care
  • Psychiatry Appointments
  • Therapy Appointments
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • On-Demand Crisis Counseling
  • RX Discount Program
  • Financial Wellness Tools
  • Online Health & Wellness Resources

Visit for more information. Sign up using your ACOM email address. A Mobile App is available as well.

At ACOM, student health and wellness is of primary importance. To encourage students to practice and promote a healthy lifestyle, ACOM has developed a vibrant wellness program which includes a student-led Wellness Club as well as a dedicated Wellness Committee comprised of faculty, staff, and students.

Some of the activities available to students are:

  • mindfulness education
  • stress reduction exercises
  • walking trail
  • fitness area
  • yoga classes
  • kickboxing
  • disc golf
  • Diversity Week
  • Taste of ACOM
  • Champions of Hope 5K race

A number of community wellness and service opportunities are also available.

For more information on ACOM’s wellness initiatives, please contact Student Services at (334) 944-4038.

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