Student Ambassador Program

The ACOM Student Ambassador Program is represented by a group of select students who are dedicated to advancing the mission of ACOM. Ambassadors are role models for academic success, diversity and collaboration. As positive, enthusiastic and well informed representatives of the student body, they promote and participate in official functions of ACOM.

Values of Serving

  • Institutional and professional exposure through service activities with faculty, staff, students, alumni, and the community.
  • Personal and professional growth through experiences in leadership, networking, collaboration, public relations, service, and communication.
  • Enriched relationships and values based on experiences that demonstrate a commitment to teamwork, excellence, and making a difference.
  • Invitations to special events in recognition of selection and service to the ACOM Ambassador Program.

Roles as an Ambassador

Student Ambassadors are trained to provide assistance in awareness, educational, philanthropic, ceremonial, and recreational events and activities sponsored by the college. Responsibilities include:

  • demonstrating sincerity, enthusiasm, credibility, interest, and helpfulness
  • attending and participating in all training sessions
  • representing ACOM at officially recognized activities such as recruitment events, Student Orientation, White Coat Ceremony, Graduation, etc.
  • providing campus tours and educating prospective students and parents about ACOM

Current Ambassadors

Abigail Klosterman

Princess Duterte

Nicholas Maggio

Matthew Norris

Brandi Williams

Geeta Iyer

Jordan Lapira

Shyam Patel

Brenda Diggs

Jess Harrison

Justin Seele

Grant Gregory