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Standing Committees

The Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine (ACOM) has numerous committees encompassing administration, faculty and staff.

Purpose: The purpose of the Admissions Committee is to review and consider applicants for admission to the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine based on faculty interviews.

Purpose: The purpose of the Awards Committee is to determine award recipients for each graduating class.

Purpose: The committee will ensure ACOM OMS-III and OMS-IV students reach the highest level of competitiveness in preparation for residency placement and performance.

Purpose: The purpose of the Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Rank is to consider faculty for recommendation of rank and promotion and assist faculty and administration with related activities.

Purpose: The Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine Compliance and Policy Committee (“CPC”) assists ACOM in maintaining an effective compliance program by ensuring that College policies are reasonably designed, implemented, and generally effective in detecting and preventing risks or compliance violations. The CPC works collaboratively to ensure the coordination of compliance and policy activities across the College. The CPC will recommend necessary actions to promote a culture of ethical conduct and commitment to compliance with ACOM policies and with all laws, policies, and regulations.

Purpose: The Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine (ACOM) Curriculum Committee (CC) will:

A. Evaluate the current curriculum for curricular deficits, curricular redundancies, inadequacies of delivery and application of nationally accepted standards and best practices.
B. Establish curricular goals and data driven endpoints unique to the ACOM community in light of regional and local interests as well as ACOM goals.
C. Establish procedures to evaluate the unique relationships A and B as outlined above.
D. Facilitate implementation of curriculum content, timing, and delivery based on the forthcoming goals and endpoints.

Active Subcommittees:

  • Assessment, Evaluation & Implementation Subcommittee
  • Calendar Subcommittee

Purpose: The purpose of the Faculty Handbook Committee is to review and revise the faculty handbook as needed.

Purpose: The Grievance Committee shall be utilized to review all grievances arising from a faculty member’s claim that an adverse action has been taken, affecting his/her term of appointment, promotion, or conditions of employment and which is (a) arbitrary and capricious; (b) discriminatory or otherwise in violation of the law; or (c) not in compliance with this Handbook or the Bylaws. In the case of an administrator who is also a faculty member, the review functions of the Grievance Procedure shall apply only to his/her faculty responsibilities. Failure to reappoint a faculty member at the end of his/her initial appointment shall not be subject to grievance. Resignations shall not be subject to the procedure.

Purpose: The committee will assess the safety of research involving biohazardous material.

Purpose: The ACOM Institutional Diversity Council functions as an advisory council and recommending body to the Dean’s Cabinet and serves as a liaison to divisions across the College to promote awareness in the areas of diversity and inclusion. The Institutional Diversity Council advises the Dean’s Cabinet regarding ways to promote and maintain ACOM’s diverse population of students, faculty, and staff for the betterment and success of the College and its constituents.

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Purpose: The committee shall consider all matters pertaining to initiation, prioritizing, funding, the evaluating and auditing of intramural and extramural grant applications, post grant awards, funding opportunities, and community projects from the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine. These matters shall consist of but not limited to faculty research, clinical research, drug trials, consortia projects both domestic and international, and community-oriented research with collaboration from members of the tri-state area.

Purpose: To facilitate an appeal of the actions or decisions outlined in the Academic Progress and Standing Report.