Community-Based Clinical Training Team

ACOM entrusts its various clinical training sites, Medical Education Directors, and Supervising Physician Preceptors to train students for excellence in clinical practice. The preceptors and clinical training sites implement the curriculum in a manner that balances the learning needs of the students and the educational resources available at the site.

Key Elements

Core Site: A Core Site is a location where a student is assigned for third and fourth-year clinical clerkships/rotations. Core Sites are supported through numerous health care facilities and clinics at each location to provide clinical experiences.

Community-Based Clinical Training: Community Based Clinical Training offers students the opportunity to learn from physicians and medical personnel located at each core site to gain a greater understanding of the dynamics of the doctor-patient relationship in that community.

Medical Education Director: The Medical Education Director (MED) manages the core site and its operation, as well as directing interaction with the College regarding student performance.

Core Site Coordinator: The Core Site Coordinator (CSC) coordinates the day-to-day activities of students, such as preceptor assignment, evaluations, lectures, and COMAT exams.

Regional Coordinator: The Regional Coordinator (RC) coordinates core site development and assists core site staff in managing students’ educational experiences.

Preceptors: Preceptors provide excellent learning opportunities in clinical settings and deliver quality assessments of students throughout their clinical training.

Residents: Residents are medical school graduates pursing specialized training prior to being board certified to practice independently as a physician.