Admission FAQ’s

Currently, we are conducting interviews using the Zoom platform. 


We will begin conducting interviews at the end of July and continue through the end of April.

ACOM’s first seat deposit of $2,000 is due December 14.  We ask you to notify us if you decide to attend another medical school. 

ACOM’s current application fee is $50.00.

All applications and deposit fees are non-refundable.  ACOM (Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine) does waive the supplemental application fee for those who have been approved for the AACOMAS fee waiver.

Non-traditional students who have been out of college for more than 2 years and have not taken a recent prerequisite or other classes must have letters from their immediate supervisor.  A physician’s letter from a DO or MD is also needed. 

Yes, but it is not encouraged.  Any additional letter(s) of recommendation (LOR) should touch on something not mentioned in previous LORs.  Additional LORs that repeat the same information is not necessary. 


ACOM uses a rolling admissions cycle and schedules applicant interviews starting at the end of July through April of the application year.  Applicants are invited to campus for an interview, faculty and staff presentations, and a tour of the facility. The schedule includes a single, open-file interview with basic science faculty, clinical faculty, administrators, and/or community physicians.

ACOM does not accept international or non-permanent residents at this time.  Applicants with DACA status also cannot be considered at this time. Undergraduate coursework taken at a foreign institution must be evaluated for US-institution equivalence and can be assessed by anyone of several services designated by AACOMAS for this purpose. 


Undergraduate GPA-3.45 

Science GPA-3.35 

No.  A physician letter is required, but ACOM will accept a letter of recommendation from either a DO or MD.  We strongly recommend that applicants spend time with an osteopathic physician to increase awareness of the osteopathic philosophy and practice.  Submitting a letter from a DO is a way of demonstrating the applicant’s understanding of and commitment to the osteopathic medical profession. 

 Yes.  In place of a premedical advisor or committee letter, two signed letters written by college science professors can be accepted.  Letters should be from faculty who instructed you in the required lecture science courses or recommended upper-level science courses (biology, chemistry, or physics). Labs or research based courses will not suffice. Letters from social science (e.g., psychology, sociology, etc.) or math professors will not count toward this requirement. 

ACOM does not usually accept substitutes for the required courses.  Equivalent coursework may be considered for prerequisite courses through the review and approval by the Dean of Student Services.  Most COM’s follow the AACOMAS definition of science courses to determine science GPA and science hours.  See the AACOMAS website for more information. 

Prior to matriculation, each applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • high school diploma or its recognized equivalent
  • bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university
  • Students with 75% of coursework completed toward a baccalaureate degree may be considered under special circumstances and must be approved by the Dean.
  • 8 semester hours of Biology with labs
  • 8 semester hours of Physics with labs
  • 8 semester hours of Inorganic (General) Chemistry with labs
  • 8 semester hours of Organic Chemistry with labs
  • 6 semester hours of English Composition and/or Literature
  • Official exam scores from the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT)
  • Prospective students are urged to take the test as early as possible.  The January test date will be the last one accepted for the current cycle.  The MCAT must be taken within 4 years of the desired date of matriculation.

ACOM only accepts applications through the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine Application Service (AACOMAS).  This centralized application service opens in May each year for students who wish to apply for the class entering the following year.  For more information about AACOMAS, visit

ACOM was granted full accreditation from COCA on April 6, 2017.  ACOM is licensed by the Alabama Department of Public Education and is fully accredited through the Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation (COCA) of the American Osteopathic Association (AOA).  COCA is the only accrediting body for predoctoral osteopathic medical education and is recognized by the US Department of Education. 

Yes.  If you attended a foreign school or earned your degree outside of the United States, AACOMAS does not require any documentation, but the majority of programs you’re applying to require you to submit your foreign coursework to a US-based evaluation service for a course-by-course US equivalency report.  This report should then be sent directly to AACOMAS from the evaluation service.

 Yes, as long as you have been verified for a waiver through AACOMAS, we will honor a fee waiver as well.