Mark Hernandez, PhD, FNAOME, serves as Associate Professor of Physiology & Pharmacology. Dr. Hernandez obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Barry University and his Master of Science degree in physiology from the University of Missouri-Columbia. He spent three years working at the Dalton Cardiovascular Research Center in Columbia, Mo., and then went on to pursue a doctorate at the University of Missouri-Columbia in the Department of Medical Pharmacology and Physiology. Dr. Hernandez joined the Master Educator Training Program at Ross University School of Medicine in 2007 and was promoted to assistant professor of Pharmacology in April 2008. He has taught large medical student audiences as well as small groups, and has had the opportunity to travel and teach medical pharmacology at unique, but successful, Caribbean Medical programs composed of diverse North American student bodies. Prior to joining ACOM, Dr. Hernandez was assistant professor of Pharmacology in St. Maarten at the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine, where he taught cardiovascular pharmacology. He also taught cardiovascular and endocrine physiology at National University of Health Sciences Chiropractic School in St. Petersburg, Fla. Dr. Hernandez’s research interests include medical education, pre-recorded simulation and global health.