Master of Science in Management (MSM) — Leadership Concentration, Troy University

The purpose of the Master of Science in Management program at Troy University is to provide a specialized professional program for the student who wants to acquire leadership skills.  The MSM program is tailored to meet the needs of individuals with non-business backgrounds or degrees or those focused specifically on enhancing leadership skills.

This program is designed to develop leadership capabilities centered around motivating teams and managing people and processes in businesses and non-profit organizations.  Effective communication, ethical leadership, decision-making, and a quality, systematic approach to management are emphasized to assist in developing the skills and abilities necessary to manage people, processes, and to lead teams.

A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university is required for admission to the MSM program.

All students must complete a business foundation course, BUS 6600 Survey of Business Concepts, with a grade of B or better.  This course must be taken during the student’s first term in the MSM program.

Required MSM Courses

(* denotes core course)

BUS 6600 *

MSM 6610 *

MGT 6615 *

MSM 6633 *

MSM 6635 *

MSM 6645 *

MSM 6650 *

MSM 6630

MSM 6640

MSM 6655

Survey of Business Concepts

Theories of Organizational Behavior

Ethical Leadership & Management in a Global Economy

Leading and Developing High Performance Teams

Leadership of Innovation and Change

Continuous Improvement

Strategic Management

Management Information Systems for Leaders

Foundations of Leadership and Motivation

Advanced Leadership