Student Government Association Forms

Purchase Pre-Approval

Fill out if your purchase for your organization is over $100

Club/Organization Event Approval Form

MUST be filled out 2 weeks prior to any student group event to be approved by Student Life

 Student Life Apparel Approval

MUST be filled out before ordering any ACOM student group affiliated apparel

Promotional Flyer / Social Media Approval

MUST be filled out at least 5 business days before post is scheduled

Guest Speaker Approval

MUST be filled out to invite a guest speaker to campus. Fill out after you fill out the Event Approval Form

Student Services Travel Instructions

COSGP (SGA President, Vice President), SOMA (President, NLO, and regional/national officers), AMSA (SIM Comp)

SGA-Funded Travel Approval

Organizations will apply for a limited amount of travel funds

Information about TOUCH Points