ACOM 2016-2021 Strategic Plan

1.1 Increase the number of applicants who meet admission requirements for selection and enrollment with an emphasis on ACOM Core Values.
1.2 Enhance marketing efforts through branding, digital communication strategies, and global engagement.
1.3 Promote student success through student support services, including registrar, financial aid, academic support and career advising.
1.4 Facilitate student engagement through student and alumni programs.

2.1 Optimize Curriculum Architecture and Knowledge Acquisition activities.
2.2 Increase and maximize opportunities for Knowledge Application for students.
2.3 Enhance opportunities for interprofessional education.
2.4 Enhance and expand the core site, hospital, and preceptor network.
2.5 Assess the continuum of osteopathic medical education throughout the ACOM curriculum.
2.6 Increase graduate medical education training opportunities.
2.7 Expand the OPP-focused, ACOM educational clinic presence.
2.8 Assess the value of attaining SACS regional accreditation to foster interprofessional program development, quality of medical education on campus and impact on future healthcare needs of the region.

3.1 Expand and enhance modern teaching facilities and technology to facilitate teaching and learning.
3.2 Expand and enhance learning resources that promote evidence-based medical education.
3.3 Optimize technology and learning resource access, use and effectiveness at affiliated teaching sites.
3.4 Optimize faculty and preceptor development programs to share best practices in teaching, assessment, research and learning.

4.1 Develop and maintain research facilities and acquire equipment to support research.
4.2 Establish and maintain policies and procedures and opportunities for conducting faculty and student research.
4.3 Advance the institution’s research efforts in osteopathic principles and practice.
4.4 Increase medical education research and dissemination, with an emphasis on employing and sharing best practices.
4.5 Identify grant funding opportunities to support institutional and faculty research endeavors.
4.6 Collaborate with external partners, the ACOM clinical network, and ACOM-affiliated residency programs on research efforts to support scholarly activity and development for students and faculty.

5.1 Conduct initiatives that promote osteopathic awareness.
5.2 Develop a comprehensive health and wellness plan to support the student body and employees of ACOM.
5.3 Increase service activities that benefit the community, with a focus on the medically underserved.
5.4 Facilitate diversity, cultural competence, ethics and professionalism throughout the ACOM community.
5.5 Expand health and wellness services, and safety for the ACOM community through facility, property and infrastructure improvements to the ACOM campus to improve faculty, staff, and student wellbeing and resilience.