2022 ACOM Poster Week Winners Announced

WINNERS ACOM/SHM Virtual Poster Week

Assessed by a number of ACOM and SEH IM faculty using set judging rubrics



First place 

In Silico Examination of a Potentially Pathogenic Variant in the Myeloid Differentiation Primary Response Protein (MYD88)

Lucy Page Kelly and Eric Johnson, PhD

Second place

Forkhead Box O3 (FOXO3) Protein Levels are Elevated in a Model of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Jonathan Brown PhD, Ashlyn Conner, Emily Snyder, and Audrey Vasauskas PhD

Third place

The Vascular Endothelial Barrier Antigen is Differentially Expressed in the Developing Forebrain and Cerebellum of Healthy Rats as Quantitated by Immunofluorescence Microscopy

R.Q. Telese, BS, M.O. Ibiwoye, MD, MS, DTM&H, MPH, PhD, A.A. Vasauskas, PhD, M.J. Hernandez, PhD, FNAOME, J. Lyons, MD and J.D. Foster, PhD, RRT


First place

Falls Prevention

Donna L. Yost, DNP-ENA, MSN-CNL, RN, OCN, CNE and Devesh Dahale, MS, MBA

Second place

What is the relationship between religiosity and allostatic load in South Texas Hispanic/Latino cancer survivors who have completed their primary cancer treatment within the last 5 years?

Javier Cintron, Stephanie Rowan, Cesar Ramirez, Amelie Ramirez, Joel Michalek

Third place (TIE)

Improving Hepatitis C Screening in Accordance with the USPSTF Guidelines in a Primary Care Setting: A Quality Improvement Project

Fahad Abid. Veronica Hill, DNP, CRNP. Justin Hovey, MD

Preliminary Results of Proactive Patient Portal Recruitment in the Inpatient Setting: The MyChart Genius Project

Edward Wu, M, Jillian Weiss, BS, Alyssa B. Barefield, MS, Vincent S. Alexander, BS, Nora Kassis, BS, Mohammed D. Akbar, MS, Audrey A. Vasauskas, PhD


First place

Carbon monoxide poisoning with myonecrosis; A rare presentation

Sahar Baloch, MD ;  Paramjit Kaur, MD ; Zara Baloch, MBBS ; Sagar Kulkarni, MD

Second place

Hepatitis C Treatment-Induced Renal Vasculitis

Mina Ghaly, MD, Mousa Sagawed, MD, Hannah M. Gregory, Grant E. Gregory, Nawal Habib, MD, Nowoghomwenma Ibie, MD

Third place (TIE)

Myxedema Coma Confounded by Infections and Dementia in An Elderly Patient

Yousef Awad MD, Riya Patel BS, Mohamad Jajeh MD

“Don’t Make a Rash Decision” Cutaneous Dissemination of Zoster in Immunocompromised Patient

Devam Parghi, Jocelyn Medal


First place (TIE)

Near-peer introduction to surgical skills pre- and post-workshop comparisons

Nick W. Lanpher*, Pedro Lima*, and James Nolin, FNP-C  (*: indicates co-first author, contributed equally to the work)

Student Perception of how Medical Schools have Valued Diversity between 2011 – 2021

Ahaj H Shroff, Mark J Hernandez

Second place

The Impact of a Comprehensive Curricular Approach on Improving Opioid Education in an Osteopathic Medical School

Hannah Gregory, Grant Gregory, Rahul Garg, PhD, MPharm, Wayne Parker, PharmD

Third place

Academic Surgeon Perspectives on Medical Student Preclinical Exposure to Laparoscopic Simulation

Joshua D. Collingwood, Cole S. Arnold, Benjamin L. Crews, Alina F. Faunce, Britton A. Ethridge, RN, BSN, Natalie Barefield, PA-C2, Matthew Ragan, MD, Pankaj P. Dangle, MD, MCh, Sherry L. Roach, MD, FACS


First place

Demographics and risk factors of uninsured patients accessing free PrEP and PEP  for prevention of HIV in Northwest Florida

Colton Boney, Erin Park, Mariana Arévalo, PhD, Wayne Parker, PharmD

Second place

Incidence of Upper Extremity Neuropathies at a Single Tertiary Care Institution in the United States: Trends in Recent Years Including the COVID-19 Pandemic

Faust, Taylor MS; Donnelly, Megan; Castaneda, Pablo MD; Cooper, Joie MS

Third place

Assessing Differences in Bipolar Disorder Prevalence between Alabama and the Rest of the United States by Exploring the Potential Impact of Provider Accessibility and SES Variables

Naziyya Haque, Ryan Liengswangwong, Ashley James, Sarah Clark


First place

Novel Science Service-Learning Module With Naloxone Training Improves Student Awareness Of Opioid Epidemic

Sarah Adkins-Jablonsky, Ryleigh Fleming, Marco Esteban, Cinnamin Cross, Amy Chatham, Samiksha Raut

Second place

Is the medical field equipped to intervene in situations of human trafficking? A call to action

Zara Siddiqui

Third place

Can Kratom Be Effectively Utilized In Opioid-Addicted Individuals?

Cory Pisarra and Dr. Robert Parker

 ACOM/SOAR in PERSON POSTER DAY WINNERS (student choice awards)

Best Poster

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) in the Alabama Wiregrass Region

Mohkam Singh, MS, OMS-II, Sarah Adkins-Jablonsky, Ph.D., OMS-II, Angie Rubino, OMS-II, Mindy Higley, OMS-II,

Aaron Dramann, MS, OMS-II, Lisa Ennis, MA, MS, MPH, Nicole Mitchell, MLIS, MA


Best Poster Runner Up

Social Vulnerability Related to Rural Disparities in Colorectal Cancer Mortality in Florida

Alejandro Arroyo Rodrigues OMS-I, Cassie Lewis Odahowski, MPH, Ph.D.

Best Poster Presentation

Immunogenicity of Homologous Heart Valves: Mechanisms and Future Consideration

Andrew D. Vogel, MS, OMS-II, Jennie H. Kwon, M.D., Alekhya Mitta, B.S., Curry Sherard, B.S., Kelvin G.M. Brockbank, Ph.D.,

Taufiek K. Rajab, M.D.

Best Poster Presentation Runner Up

Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Center Sites in Relation to Average Income in an Area Affects Accessibility

Gabriela Galan, OMS-II, Ivana Gutman, OMS-II, Megan Richards, OMS-II, Michelle Sindoni, OMS-II


*Denotes presenter(s)

Basic Science

The role of microRNA 141-3p on the invasion and migration of human breast cancer cells

Kelley Lynn Turner*, Smit Bhimami, Erika DeHaviland, and Lawrence LeClaire

Clinical research/QI

Characteristics of VUMC bariatric surgery patients and their atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease risk factors

Naziyya Haque*, Lei Wang, Xeimeng Zhang, You Chen, Robb Flynn, Wayne English, Danxia Yu

Clinical Vignette

The Diagnosis, Treatment, and Clinical Sequelae of Sjogren’s Syndrome in a Pediatric Patient: Case Report

Dakota C. Davis*, Meghan J. Filson, and Dr. Claire G. Yother

Medical Education

Implementation of lifestyle medicine certification into an osteopathic curriculum and its effects on students’ empathy towards patients and approach to patient-centered care

Amin Wang*, Melinda Ledbetter, John-Paul Fattorusso* and Isabella Fernandez*


Novel Science Service-Learning Module With Naloxone Training Improves Student Awareness Of Opioid Epidemic

Sarah Adkins-Jablonsky*, Ryleigh Fleming, Marco Esteban, J., Cinnamin Cross, and Samisksha Raut

Population Health

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) In The Alabama Wiregrass Region

Mohkam Singh*, Sarah Adkins-Jablonsky*, Angela Rubino*, Mindy Higley*, Aaron Dramann*, Lisa Ennis, Nicole Mitchell