ACOM Adopts Southeast Health Branding

To demonstrate the relationship between the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine (ACOM) and Southeast Health, the medical college will adopt the health system brand, while preserving the existing shield for ceremonial purposes.

In July of 2018, the Houston County Health Care Authority, the governing board for Southeast Health, made a strategic decision to invest in a branding strategy connecting all the entities within the health system through a structured naming convention and brand standard. This helps patients, providers, students, and the community better understand who they are, what they offer, and where they provide services.

Beginning in July, ACOM will follow suit with the other major entities in the health system by adopting the Southeast Health branding, though the ACOM Board of Directors opted to continue to use the existing shield in certain ceremonial circumstances. Additionally, student white coats will continue to incorporate the shield to honor the past.

ACOM’s origins are deeply rooted in health care. It was one of the first osteopathic medical schools developed by a health system not associated with a university. Over a decade ago, the Alabama Medical Education Consortium along with the Houston County Health Care Authority recognized the growing shortage of physicians nationally, particularly in primary care. The two entities determined it was feasible to develop Alabama’s first college of osteopathic medicine to address these needs in the state, and thus, ACOM, the private, non-profit institution, was established in May 2010. The college, which is owned by Southeast Health, welcomed its inaugural class in 2013, and graduated its first physicians in 2017.

“Through the creation of the ACOM and the expansion of Graduate Medical Education programs, Southeast Health has grown from a community hospital to a comprehensive health system with a focus on educating tomorrow’s physicians. ACOM is one of the major entities within the health system, and we feel this change helps communicate the relationship more clearly and highlight the health system’s commitment to education.” says James C. Jones, DO, FACEP, ACOM Dean.

ACOM will adopt the Southeast Health brand beginning in July of 2020.