ACOM Announces 2024 Military Match Results

In advance of Match Day on March 15, the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine (ACOM) is pleased to announce the early military match results for members of the class of 2024. These 13 students’ commitment to serving their country parallels their passion for helping others, which has been apparent throughout their medical education at ACOM.

In the spring of each year, Match Day signifies the shift to a new phase of a medical student’s education: residency. Medical residency is a multi-year program with intensive training in a specific area of medical care. In their final year of medical school, students apply for and interview with residency programs where they may want to continue their training. The students and programs rank each other respectively through the National Residency Match Program, which runs a computerized algorithm to determine the match. Those match results are revealed on Match Day. Certain programs, such as those associated with the military, complete their match processes separately and announce those results in advance.

ACOM is proud to announce the following military match results and we look forward to celebrating the entire class of 2024 on Match Day in March.