ACOM Students Speak at TROY University

Recently, three second-year ACOM students, Cassie Abrams, Miranda Byarly, and Maggie Russell were invited to speak at TROY University.

The ACOM students provided a panel discussion to an audience that included members of two biology senior seminar classes, as well as members of the pre-med honor society, AED.

Senior seminar is a course that prepares biology majors to transition from undergraduate school to their next step. As part of this course several panel discussions are held, including this one for students who plan to attend medical school.

Each of the ACOM students shared information on their personal journey which led them to medical school, offered advice on courses to take, whether or not to do a postbaccalaureate program, preparation for MCAT, and various other helpful topics.

They also spoke to the TROY students about preparing a personal statement, developing interview skills, and choosing a medical school that is the best fit for you. They concluded the discussion with some of the best and worst advice they had received before fielding questions from the audience.