Team Cotard’s Delusionals wins National Virtual Simulation Competition

A team of ACOM students competed recently competed in and won the 2020 national Virtual Patient Challenge hosted by the American Medical Student Association (AMSA). The team, Cotard’s Delusionals, won the ACOM simulation competition in the Fall and was selected to move forward to represent the college at the AMSA event.  SIM competition was transitioned to a Virtual Patient Challenge. The national event transitioned to a virtual format, requiring a restructuring of teams, which two teams of three students each. The teams were Cotard’s Delusionals, with Kyle Cohen, Jessica McLean and Alyssa Pace-Patterson, and Still Cotard’s Delusionals with Sophia Jaffri, Alexandra Sappington and Joseph Bernhard. The two teams competed on Friday, April 17th against 14 other teams from around the country. The first round consisted of completing two 20-minute cases, with scoring based on the accuracy of examination, diagnosis and management of a virtual patient. Cotard’s Delusionals qualified for the final round, competing against three other teams, again with two 20-minute cases.  Following the case completion and a debrief, AMSA announced the winners, with Cotard’s Delusionals taking top honors.