Local Chapter of SAACOFP Receives Humanitarian Award at National Conference

The ACOM chapter of the Student Association of the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians (SAACOFP) was recently chosen to receive the Humanitarian Award at the ACOFP 60th Annual Convention & Scientific Seminars.  The convention took place from March 29 – April 2 in Orlando, Florida. The award is given in recognition to the chapter that has excelled in organizing and participating in humanitarian events within their school, community, and beyond while acting as an advocate for osteopathic physicians.

The ACOM chapter of SAACOFP was chosen because of the volunteer work their members perform with the Samaritan Clinic and Samaritan Pantry. Both resources are managed by Love in Action Ministries and offer valuable resources to people in need throughout Dothan. The Samaritan Clinic offers free health and eye care to the homeless, people living in group homes, and inmates on the Houston County Corrections Work Release program, while Samaritan Pantry is a resource that provides food, toiletries hygiene products, and clothing to those in need.

This Humanitarian Award is an honor that recognizes SAACOFP as a group of future physicians who are positively impacting the Dothan area with empathy, compassion, and dedication.