Preceptor Promotion

The ACOM Affiliate Clinical Faculty track acknowledges the educational contributions of preceptors to the College’s priorities of teaching, scholarship and service. As part of the ACOM core site training network, preceptors have the opportunity to progress from initial appointment through rank promotion dependent upon length of service, level of engagement and maintained credentialing. Eligible Affiliate Clinical Faculty seeking promotion should be able to demonstrate consistent contributions to the College, as well as local recognition of their efforts on behalf of ACOM and the communities it serves.

Affiliate Clinical Faculty Appointment

Preceptors who actively train ACOM students are initially appointed as Affiliate Clinical Assistant Professors, with access to ACOM’s library resources and CME activities.

Opportunity for Advancement

Preceptors who demonstrate sustained contributions to the training network through teaching, service and/or scholarship may apply for promotion in Affiliate Clinical Faculty rank.

Leadership and Mentoring

As Affiliate Clinical Faculty, preceptors can pursue leadership and mentoring opportunities to support the training network and gain recognition by peers for their role.

All ACOM preceptors are eligible for initial Affiliate Clinical Faculty appointment upon evaluation of credentials and experience. Non-preceptor candidates who contribute to the training of ACOM students may also be considered for appointment as an instructor. Please contact the Division of Clinical Resources for more information.

ACOM recognizes the following Affiliate Clinical Faculty academic ranks:

  • Affiliate Clinical Instructor
  • Affiliate Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Affiliate Clinical Associate Professor
  • Affiliate Clinical Professor

ACOM credentialed preceptors will be evaluated for renewal of appointment three (3) years after their original appointment and will be considered for reappointment at subsequent three-year intervals. Promotion of Affiliate Clinical Faculty members is encouraged for those individuals who make sustained contributions to ACOM and meet the criteria for promotion. Promotions are limited to one rank above the current level at a time, and promotion requires eligibility based on time in a previous rank.

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