Recruiting Events

EventDateFormatTimeRegistration Link
Austin College Professional School Fair9/22/2020Virtual1:00pm-5:00pm CDTRegister Now
Mercer University Healthcare Professions Virtual Expo9/22/2020Virtual9:00am-1:00pm ESTRegister Now
Texas Graudate and Professional School Virtual Fair9/22/2020Virtual2:00pm-6:00pm CDTRegister Now
University of Virginia Graduate & Professional Fair9/23/2020Virtual11:00am-2:00pm CDTRegister Now
Mississippi State University Graduate and Professional Fair9/25/2020Virtual12:00pm-5:00pm CDTRegister Now
Syracuse University Graduate and Law School Information Fair9/29/2020Virtual12:00pm-2:00pm CDTRegister Now
NextFest: UNC Asheville Graduate School Edition9/29/2020Virtual11:00am-1:00pm ESTRegister Now
Rhodes College Graduate School Expo/Christian Brothers9/30/2020Virtual2:00pm-5:00pm CDTRegister Now
Cornell University Graduate and Professional School Day9/30/2020Virtual3:00pm-6:00pm CDTRegister Now
DePauw University Graduate and Professional Fair10/1/2020Virtual10:00am-1:00pm CDTRegister Now
Georgia College & State University Graduate and Professional School Fair10/1/2020Virtual2:00pm-5:00pm CDTRegister Now
Alabama Connection Virtual Graduate School10/6/2020Virtual11:00am-2:00pm CDTRegister Now
California State University, Northridge Graduate and Professional School Info Day10/6/2020Virtual1:00pm - 4:00pm CDTRegister Now
University of Miami Graduate School Fair10/7/2020Virtual12:00pm-3:00pm ESTRegister Now
Morgan State Graduate and Professional Careers Conference10/8/2020Virtual8:00am-4:00pm EST
GA Grad Fair Circuit: Dalton State College Grad Fair10/14/2020Virtual12:00pm - 2:00pm CDTRegister Now
AUCC Graduate Professional School Fair10/15/2020Virtual3:00pm-6:00pm CDTRegister Now
GA Grad Fair Circuit: Berry College10/15/2020Virtual4:00pm-6:00pm ESTRegister Now
UC Davis Pre Health Conference 10/17/2020Virtual11:00am-7:00pm PSTRegister Now
Florida State University Graduate & Professional Fair10/20/2020Virtual10:00am-2:00pm ESTRegister Now
LSU Health Professions Fair10/20/2020Virtual10:00am-2:00pm CDTRegister Now
Florida International University Graduate School Fair10/20/2020Virtual11:00am-3:00pm ESTRegister Now
Georgia Southern University Graduate School Fair10/20/2020Virtual10:00am-1:00pm ESTRegister Now
University of Georgia Graduate School Fair10/21/2020Virtual12:00pm-3:00pm ESTRegister Now
East Tennessee State University Virtual Health Professions fair10/21/2020Virtual11:00am-2:00pm ESTRegister Now
University of Florida Graduate & Professional School Fair10/21/2020Virtual10:00am-2:00pm ESTRegister Now
Penn State Graduate & Professional School Week10/21/2020Virtual11:00am-4:00pm ESTRegister Now
University of Rochester Graduate School Fair10/21/2020Virtual1:00pm-5:00pm ESTRegister Now
Florida Atlantic University Graduate & Professional School Fair10/22/2020Virtual9:00am-3:00pm CDTRegister Now
GA Grad Fair Circuit: Emory University10/22/2020Virtual11:00am-2:00pm ESTRegister Now
ACOM Open House10/24/2020Virtual9:00am-12:00pm CDTRegister Now
GA Grad Fair Circuit: Kennesaw State University10/15/2020Virtual10:30am-1:30pm ESTRegister Now
University of South Carolina Professional Health Schools and Graduate Programs10/27/2020Virtual10:00am-4:00pm ESTRegister Now
University of North Florida Graduate and Professional Schools Fair10/27/2020Virtual11:00am-2:00pm CDTRegister Now
GA Grad Fair Circuit: Georgia State University10/27/2020Virtual11:00am-2:00pm ESTRegister Now
UC Riverside Virtual Graduate and Professional School Info Day10/28/2020Virtual1:00pm-4:00pm CDTRegister Now
GA Grad Fair Circuit: Oglethorpe University10/28/2020Virtual11:00am-2:00pm ESTRegister Now
Valparaiso University Graduate & Professional School Fair10/29/2020Virtual10:00am-1:00pm CDTRegister Now
University of South Florida Graduate & Professional Fair10/29/2020Virtual11:00am-2:00pm ESTRegister Now
University of West Georgia Graduate and Professional Fair10/29/2020Virtual1:00pm-3:30pm ESTRegister Now
UC Irvine Graduate and Professional School Virtual Fair11/3/2020Virtual10:00am-2:00pm CSTRegister Now
Texas Tech Graduate and Professional Fair11/5/2020Virtual11:00am-4:00pm CSTRegister Now
UC Santa Barbara 2020 Graduate & Professional Schools Day11/5/2020Virtual11:00am-5:00pm CSTRegister Now
Wake Forest University Graduate and Professional School Fair11/5/2020Virtual3:00pm-6:00pm ESTRegister Now
Texas A&M Graduate & Professional School Day11/10/2020VirtualTBD Register Now
Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS)11/9-11/13/2020VirtualVariesRegister Now