2024 Wiregrass District Science Fair Winners

4th & 5th Grades

4th & 5th Grade Overall Best in Show Best in Show: Surface Tension – Brett Rehoud, Ariel Olds, Charles Burgamy – Carver MST
First Place: Testing Filters – Ne’Andream Peterson – Kelly Springs
Second Place: Soil vs. Water – Emma Varner – Selma Street
Second Place: Sticky Science – Guilianna Dixon – Mulkey Elementary
Third Place: Strike Out Stains – Annie Precise – Mulkey Elementary
Honorable Mention: Digestion Detective – Lucy Frilot – Mulkey Elementary
Best Poster Presentation: How High – Cameron Baker – Selma Street
Best Oral Presentation: Pot Science – Sophia Roney, Sadie Watkins – Mulkey Elementary

6th – 12th Grades

Engineering Technology: Statistics & Dynamics

1st: Shelter Shapes – Abby Skinner – Houston Academy
2nd: Maglev Explained – Emmalyn Sutton – Highlands Elementary
3rd: Investigating the relationship between coils of wire and magnetic strength – Egan Sullivan – Highlands Elementary

Medicine, Health & Translational Medical Sciences

1st: What brands of mouthwash are better at eliminating bacteria in your mouth? – Mary Todd Nicholas – Houston Academy
2nd: Which cleaning wipe is the best – Eleanor Heersink – Houston Academy
3rd: Mint Condition – Thomas Mustin – Dothan Prep

Animal, Plant, Computational & Bioinformatics Sciences

1st: Finding the best eyeliner – Caroline Heersink – Houston Academy
2nd: Shining Light: Growing plants in sunlight and UV light – Layla Rogers – Houston Academy
3rd: Ready…Set…Grow – Carmine Biasella – Houston Academy


1st: Chocolates in Science – Adeline Egbert – Houston Academy
2nd: Which stain remover works best? – Charlotte Lagsdon and Kalli Smith – Highlands
3rd: Curly Cue – Kahmara Orange and Jada Leger – Dothan Prep

Material Sciences & Energy: Sustainable Materials and Design

1st: Parallelogram Prevention – Noah Creel and Collier Nowell – Highlands Elementary
2nd: Roof Shapes and Floor Feels – Amare Harris and Matthew Miller – Carver School for Math, Science, and Technology
3rd: The Mouse Guard – Sincere Rowell and Darien Reeves – Morris Slingluff

Earth & Environmental Servies: Environmental Engineering

1st: Tsunami Erosion Prevention – Isabella Gil – Houston Academy
2nd: Saving Water – Shafia Khan – Highlands
3rd: Eco Friendly Moving – Charlotte Rushing and Promyse Bryant – Highlands

Behavioral & Social Sciences

1st (tie): Would you eat it? – June Haynie and Layla Pfister – Dothan Prep
1st (tie): Man vs Machine – Ella Burgess – Dothan Prep
2nd: The effect of color on taste – Ethan Pemberton – Houston Academy
3rd: Catch or release – Mac Steltenpohl and Dawson Deloney – Highlands Elementary

Robotics Systems & Communication Technology

1st: Spot the Bot – Noah Freeman and Web Griggs – Carver MST
2nd: TB-64E – Karson Cullen and Lachlan Owens – Dothan Prep
3rd: Blocking Wifi – Zayd Ali, Kaleb Lawson, and Brody Sands – Carver MST

Physics, Astronomy & Mathematics

1st: Trials of the Glider Games – Edwin Jones and Aidyn Bui – Carver School of Math, Science, and Technology
2nd: DIY Railgun – Carter Bright – Houston Academy
3rd: Cooking at Light Speed – Houston Fetsko – Dothan Prep

Cell, Molecular, Microbiology & Biochemistry

1st: Fizz or Fizzle – Lennon Strickland, Lily Potts, Jenna Mitchell – Carver MST
2nd: The Great Cookie Dunk – Maggie Knight – Heard
3rd: Culinary Biotics – Addison Clayton and Liam Lugo – Dothan Prep

Bio-medical Engineering

1st: Medical Medals – Jacob Champlin – Dothan Prep

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